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Harris in the Winter for wildlife lovers. Page 2 of 3
With the first frost, large numbers of snipe migrate from the east on their way to Iceland and often stop off in the marshes or moors or along the shores before continuing their journey. For the wildlife watcher it is an incredible sight, catching glimpses of birds dropping silently from crisp skies in large numbers. Often on calm days the beating of thousands of migrating golden plover can be heard passing around you, heard but unseen, till a walk to the coastline reveals thousands of them wading the tide line. Woodcock arrive to winter higher in the moors where there is long heather.

Out in the lunar landscape and around the lochs and lochans and across lonely moors, many of our native species are more active and easier to see at this time of year with birds of prey like the Golden Eagle, Sea Eagle, Peregrine and Merlin common sightings. On crisp winter days when the sky is a pale blue over Harris, nothing can be more majestic than an eagle soaring high above. Take a walk into the glens of North Harris or along the east coast or look out towards Taransay and you will have a good chance of seeing one of these special birds of prey.

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